Thursday, September 15, 2011

100Gbit/s Carrier - Grade Ethernet Transport Technologies

© Prof. Dr. Andreas Kampmann/Cologne University of Applied Science. Microchip on a finger.© Prof. Dr. Andreas Kampmann/Cologne University of Applied
Modern information and communication technology has found its way over the last 15 years into practically all areas of business, society, and politics and continues to provide impetus for dramatic change. This is especially noticeable with the development of the data oriented Internet, which originally used classical line switched transport networks. The rapidly growing volumes of data traffic resulted in the last 10 years in a traffic load increase by more than 30 % per year. Thus, in 4 years the Internet will require a transport network capacity by a factor of 10 higher than today.
This traffic will be generated by new Internet services and new data oriented applications. Resulting from this trend higher bitrates e.g. 100 Gbit/s and very high requirements on the performance of the underlying network and transmission technologies are necessary. Especially, a high degree of security and availability of the network gets into the focus of future development and new concepts for secure data transport are needed.

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