Sunday, August 21, 2011

Microsoft Student Partner

Now's your time to shine!

  • the program
    As a Microsoft Student Partner, you’ll be challenged to use your enthusiasm and knowledge to lead the technology discussion on your campus. You’ll demo the latest and greatest technologies, host events, and connect with other students and faculty to inspire them to create what’s next.
  • the perks
    Sure, you'll get access to Microsoft software, training and swag, but we think the real perks are the intangible ones. We're talking about the skills, connections and portfolio you'll build in this role. You'll get the inside scoop to our latest products and job opportunities, meet like-minded individuals from around the world, and boost your resume with invaluable real world skills.
  • the people (YOU!)
    You'll need to be part technology guru, part trendsetter, and full on student. We select top young minds from around the world that are passionate about technology, marketing and entrepreneurship. If your eyes light up every time you get your hands on the hottest technology gadget and you can't wait to show the world, then this is the role for you!​
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